Friday, January 10, 2014

From LV addict to cookbook addict...

Seriously, for the past fifteen years, the sight of designer bags and accessories would make my heart pitter patter in ecstasy.

A monthly visit to LV and other boutiques would just made my day!
I was never poor but I was never rich too.

I had a small mortgage for 35 square meters unit at Potts Point, Sydney. Yep! That was only few steps away from King's Cross.
15 minutes walk to the Botanical garden and Hyde Park
20 minutes walk to the Sydney Opera House.
30 minutes walk to CBD

Live was awesome...just as I liked it...sweet.

Now, I am married and had to relocate to country not of my choice, but husband's job obligation.

Last night, I jumped up and down when my cookbooks arrived.
Last week, I kissed my pretty Delongi toasters.

Do people changed?
Hell yeah!
For better or for worse, now that is up to me to decide.